Thursday, March 22, 2007

Cozy, cosy

No progress on the Raleigh trip project yet. I didn't have time to work on it between making a big spaghetti and meatballs dinner and finishing the socks (uh-oh, my blog's first FO! Guess I should be posting a photo, eh? Well, they are on my feet right now at work, and I don't have a camera here.). But when the socks were done, I cast on for a nifty little ipod cozy.

I got my first ipod today. Which isn't to say I haven't been suffering all my subway time without music, not at all. Four years ago (which is like an eternity with electronics, right?) I bought a Rio Karma. I researched the whole thing very carefully - ipods were just starting to be commonplace, but they had a lot of problems then - super low battery life, heavier, bad customer service, etc. So I decided on the Rio Karma and never once felt bad when the pod people acted as if I couldn't afford an ipod. Actually, the Karma was the same price as an ipod with lower memory, if I remember correctly.

I really liked it! I loved that you could put it on random for an amount of time (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 8 hours, etc.) so not waste a lot of battery power randomizing. So, one day, this wheel control stopped working (this was like a year ago, so I'd had the thing for three years). But you could control it through the red stick, so no big deal. Then, last April, the stick froze too, so I managed to make it play everything, in alphabetical order, from beginning to end and leave it like that. You could advance songs, but you could no longer select an artist or album or individual song.

Actually, that was a good thing. Because I can get so ADD about listening on random, I was constantly skipping over perfectly great music because I thought I didn't want to hear it. It took me 8 months to get through all my music from A-Z. I was at the beginning of my second go-through, when the hold button broke. So, that was it. That was just on Monday, and now I have an ipod.

So, to the cozy - the same Regia 4 ply that I used for my socks seems appropriate and handy. I was going to get all fancy and use a provisional cast on to make tunnel hems for a drawstring, but then I decided, why? I just started with ribbing, changed to stst and added a row of yo's and k2togs to make eyelets for the drawstring. I intend to finish tonight and will post a photo of it - and my socks, since its all the same yarn - tomorrow. Then, I devote all my energies to the Raleigh project...

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