Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh yeah, I weave too. I forgot.

So why haven't I posted about weaving lately? I mean, weekends have gone by without so much as a word!

In the spirit of being fearless - I will tell you that I might have made a major weaving mistake.

The nice man at School Products sold me on some French mohair. Space dyed, soft, wonderful stuff.

So I got my 8 dent reed and was all excited to warp - a shawl - for me! Hand weaving something wearable for myself!

Warping went fine, the tension seemed good, I was excited.

Then I tried to weave the header.

And I couldn't beat! The mohair was all ratted (and I use that in the old sense, like ratting your hair) together! Argh!

So I placed the loom, warp and all, in its bag. I took a break. I've considered that the first bit of warp didn't get combed through the reed by being wound on, so maybe the other stuff will behave better. I mean, I can actually get a usable shed, I just can't beat.

The loom is still hibernating with its ratty warp. I've been pretty busy trying to plow through these socks for the man (men's socks take sooooooo ridiculously long!) and I don't want to be distracted from reaching that finish line.

Fearless doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. It doesn't mean you don't waste time or yarn. It just means you try it in the first place without too much hemming and hawing about it.

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