Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back to work blues

I listened only to songs with "blues" in the title this morning - because as Bleeding Gums Murphy said, "The Blues isn't about making yourself feel better - its about making other people feel worse!" But I did actually feel better after listening to those songs - playlist included "Good Morning Blues" by Leadbelly (which I listened to like five times, I love that song), "Lonesome Homesick Blues" by The Carter Family, "Worried Man Blues" by Woody Guthrie, and "Working Girl Blues" by Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerard, which really made me feel like leading the entire subway car in a sing along. Sigh...

The long weekend was nice. We knocked out all the errand-y stuff on Saturday so the rest of the weekend was just for relaxing. I'm nearly done with sock #1 for the man, and I worked a few repeats on the nearly forgotten spider net shawl. The sock looks like its turning out sort of big - as in long. But I've only knitted ladies socks before so I didn't know what to expect. I knitted the calf to 9", not thinking that the heel flap was going to add another 3" or so. I suppose the nice thing about knitting socks is you always know that eventually, all of his other socks will be dirty and he'll be forced to wear the knitted socks and maybe then he'll start to like them.

And I made a new friend! And she might be the first person EVER to visit my blog (she's actually only the third person to know about it, and of course the man doesn't count, so I guess if the third person you tell about your blog is the first person to visit it, then thats pretty good). We met at the bar because she had a bunny charm hanging from her cell phone and so do I. Ultimately it turned out that we had a lot of wacky stuff in common - same major in undergrad, both live in Queens, both have rabbits, both knit, both tea drinkers, and we were both with our guys for a long, long time before deciding to get married. And there was probably some other stuff too that I forget. Oh yeah - we're both "editors" in our job titles!

Her darling bunny pics have inspired me to post some too. And some knitting photos. Which I'll do...tomorrow. Really. I swear. I mean, I swear that I hope that I will take some photos tonight and remember to bring in the card reader and download and post them tomorrow even though work is stupid busy and I'm losing my mind.

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Lisa said...

hi! what else do we have in common? we are both nerdy bloggers! tee hee. :)