Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why haven't I been posting?

I should be posting a lot more. I want to post a lot more but work has gone a bit haywire. In horticulture, we call it "mad May" for a good reason. I have been travelling all over New England (that is a bit of an exaggeration, just CT and MA) the past few weeks, with another trip to Boston coming up next week. I love to knit on long car rides, but I have been the driver for these trips unfortunately.
Heading back to the city from CT the other day, I happened upon a yarn shop. Don't you love when that happens? I've driven right by the exit on the Merritt Parkway oodles of times and never knew there was a yarn shop with such easy off, easy on access. I bought some Regia Silk, a silk blend sock yarn for the man. In grey, naturally.
I've never knitted socks for the man. When I first started knitting 8 years ago, I read somewhere that you shouldn't knit socks for your boyfriend or "he'll walk away from you". While I didn't think that would happen, I also didn't want to risk it. So we joked about it for six years, and then we got married, and decided I could knit socks for him. So this is the first pair. Nice yarn, and he wants the whole calf in 1x1 rib. We can all think of more fun patterns to knit, but oblige, I must. I'm only a few rows into it.
I actually hadn't heard of the sweater curse at that time, and my first project was a sweater for him. But I realized I had made a mistake in the armhole shaping and couldn't figure out what to do to fix it. Plus, I was using extremely fine shetland wool and didn't love the airy (and SUPER itchy) fabric it was making. Finally, it was (and still is, in my stash trunk) still in spinning oil, so had a weird oily feel and a smell to it. That sweater sat languishing for years as I switched my focus to quilting and sewing. When I began knitting seriously again, my only thought was to finish that sweater (and we were married by that time, so even if I knew about the sweater curse, it wouldn't have applied). I swatched using a double strand, liked it, and quickly calculated I wouldn't have enough yarn. The yarn was from School Products and I went back but of course they didn't have any. It was actually a coned yarn, and so probably a factory remnant or something.
Since then, I've knitted him two sweaters which he loves, and hats - but no socks. He's a tough customer. Wish me luck!

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