Monday, April 2, 2007

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North Carolina was fantastic - gorgeous weather, first of all, and a success, business-wise, as well. And of course, the customary delay at the airport on the way home. Was I glad I had my (are you ready for this??) EZ BOG JACKET to work on!

Yes, the project for the trip was the bog jacket. I am using red Panda Woolbale (not the fanciest yarn in the world, to be sure, but decent and it appears to be hardwearing, so what more could I ask for, really? The bog is a practical garment, after all).

I had been reading Knitter's Almanac for a year or so, and after finding the fabulous blog Zimmermania , I was REALLY inspired to buy Knitting Around and Knitting Without Tears (from Schoolhouse Press , of course). The Panda Woolbale had been used as packing material for our record collection, so I didn't even have to open the trunk to go through the stash.

It is all garter stitch, so its a little bit slow going but it makes such a lovely, satisfying fabric that its hard to complain. After all, its about the knitting!

Pictures forthcoming, honestly...

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