Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I am NOT a speedy knitter!

See, there, I've said it. I'm not a fast knitter. No, no, I'm not ashamed of my knitting speed at all. Since the beginning, its always been about the journey for me, but I do find it a little bit frustrating sometimes to follow someone's knitting blog or a KAL and there is some lightning-fast knitter, skipping through some huge project - on the needles Monday, FO on Friday. Well, you won't find that at my blog, no ma'am.

Not that I am an easily distracted knitter - I follow my projects through and don't leave things half finished and abandoned. More of a "slow and steady wins the race" kinda girl. And I really, really enjoy the process of knitting. If I wanted a new sweater, I'd just buy one (and as you all know, it would be cheaper that way too). So I don't mind, but a girl doesn't exactly plow through her stash this way, right?

I know that learning to knit continental would speed up my knitting significantly and I REALLY want to learn. But its not like you can just start trying in the middle of a project (no matter HOW TEMPTING it is to do while knitting a bog jacket) because the tension will be all messed up. My previous attempts at continental have been astonishingly loose. No, to do it, I am going to have to put the projects aside and just swatch continental. Does anyone have any advice on this endeavor?


(cue sound of crickets chirping....now!)

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