Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm off!

Yes, off again. But don't for a second think I'm some "trust fund kid" (as my husband insists we must seem like to others). We're going to Rome tonight! But we got a great deal on the flight, direct on Eurofly, an airline NOBODY has heard of. I will let you know how it goes, but it looks promising. And for $350 each, direct to Rome, I can't complain too much. Plus its a European airline which will hopefully mean free drinks.

The project for the trip is a lace t-shirt thing that was a free pattern on Elann but is no longer available in their free pattern section. I don't think I'm going to get much knitting done on the way there, since we leave at 10 pm tonight so it is a real overnight flight (not a fake overnight, like going to Japan) and I usually go to bed at 11 pm anyway. Still, the return flight will leave me ample knitting time.

Plans for the trip? Well, the first time we went, five years ago, I was a bit of a sightseeing taskmaster and we crammed insane amounts of seeing stuff into each day. This time I want to be a lot more relaxed, do a lot more strolling and random exploring, and I really want to see The Protestant Cemetery, which we missed before. And we have reservations for the Borghese Gallery which we also missed last time. I have also always wanted to rent bicycles and ride the Appian Way, but I don't know if that will happen this time either. I'll be happy just to soak up the sun, the pines and palms, and of course all the marvelous architecture. It's completely Victorian, I know, but nothing makes my heart a-flutter like ruins covered in weeds. Especially since the "weeds" in Rome are basil, rosemary, fennel and oregano.

Despite the fact that so much yarn is made in Italy, after reading this blog post, I'm not going out of my way to buy yarn. Even despite the fact that my dear old mom is hoping for me to find the made-in-Italy Bollicine Victor in color S7. But there is no way I can go to a yarn store and not touch the yarn. I got yelled at for touching produce in Florence on our last trip, but as the daughter of a produce man, I'm making darn sure my fruits and veg are ripe before I buy. And I'm making darn sure my yarn is soft and wonderful before I buy it and I won't support these crazy no-touching policies. Unless it means Bollicine for my mom. But now I'm just rambling.

So, I'll be back in 8 days - ciao for now!

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